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Customized Interventions

At playspace therapy we offer a variety of evidence-based intervention programs utilized in accordance with your child's therapy goals. 

Art Class

Social Thinker's Cirriculum®

Social skills are a key factor in a child’s ability to positively participate in daily activities both as individuals and family units. We recognize the value and the importance of social skills and are prepared to support and foster the growth of such necessary skills.
We use many of Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking Curriculum tools to guide our treatment of social skills, for ages 4- 7 years of age.

Zones Of Regulation Program®

This program is designed for children with social and self-regulation challenges. This program includes fun learning activities to help children recognize when they are in the different zones (moods and states of alertness) as well as lessons on how to use strategies or tools to regulate the zone they are in. Calming techniques and thinking strategies are explored along with sensory supports so each child has a "toolbox" of strategies from which he/she can choose to help self-regulate for better focus and attention, emotional control, and improved peer social interactions. 

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Writing Without Tears Program®

Handwriting Without Tears is a developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory handwriting instruction program for all learning styles in grades Prep -5. It uses hands-on, multi-sensory materials and was designed in such a way that it introduces shapes, numbers, and letters in an order that matches the progression of children’s developmental abilities so that it is easier for them to practice, learn, and remember. The sessions ran by an Occupational Therapist will emphasis hand strength, pencil grip, letter formation, appropriate sizing, spacing, line orientation, and writing speed.

The Alert Program® 

The alert program was developed by occupational therapists Sherry Shellenberger and Mary Sue Williams to teach children self-regulation skills.
It begins by building awareness of and vocabulary to describe levels of alertness using a car engine analogy. Within this approach, children are then encouraged to explore self-regulation tools systematically within each of the senses: movement, touch, vision, hearing, and oral. The personalized sensory exploration portion of this program allows children to identify for themselves the most beneficial and preferred regulatory tools. Once established, this toolbox is used by the child to achieve the most appropriate level of alertness for each situation they participate in.

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Equipment Prescription

Our Occupational Therapists can trial and prescribe equipment and aids, to support your child’s participation in everyday activities. These include but are not limited to equipment to support:

  • Mobility aids

  • Community Access (i.e specialized stroller, wheelchair, car seating)

  • Meal time aids (i.e modified cutlery, bowls, cups)

  • Postural Supports (i.e. specialised seating and tables/trays

  • Various equipment to support Sensory Processing

  • Hygiene including toileting and bathing

  • Positioning supports

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